About The Club

The Vauxhall Astra MK3 Owners Club (“MK3OC”) was originally conceived in June 2005, out of demand for a specialist Astra MK3 club. Stemming from the much respected generic Vauxhall club, “MIG Performance Vauxhalls,” three members teamed up in order to turn the dream into a reality.

Rob, Lou and Paul started it up initially as just an online forum. Reece later joined the team, but due to personal workloads he chose to leave. As their replacement, Matt was recruited. Using his web design skills, the forum was turned into a more comprehensive site.

Meanwhile, Rob expanded the Mk3OC from just an online message board into a complete club. Lou continued to maintain the technical side of things, along with the occasional help of Paul. After this Alex came on board as our group-buy & discounts organiser, and Ben as a handy source for keeping the post-count on the upwards curve, as well as both contributing considerably in all fields.

When Rob left, Alex took over at the helm and guided the club through VBOA affiliation which is an excellent achievement. Paul left due to increasing personal workloads and since we have appointed new members of staff as we have grown.

We have come along way since we were founded in 2005. With over 4,700 registered users on the forum, we have a good representation of all MK3 Astra’s within the club and always welcome new members.

In 2014, Richard, Andy, Kevin and Dave were appointed as new club staff to take over the workload from Alex who unfortunately had too many work commitments to keep on top of the club. Later in 2015 Alex retired completely leaving the club in equal ownership of Richard, Andy, Kevin and Dave.

The Club is now looking forward under new ownership with plans to attend more shows and provide the best service for its members with a completely refreshed homepage and forums.