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  • or8 pal soz for late reply lol

    paint code on car is: 57L 81IY EG0480

    just bought some pineapple yellow the other day lyk from a paint shop and the code on the tin was: 57L PI36533DG

    i sprayed my grill the other day and the colour was alot darker to my original body work, but after i had rubbed it down it turned out to be alot lighter and match the colour of the car, i have had trouble though in the past trying to find a good supplier like because most of them are s**t lol hope this helps ya cheers
    what you on about april..?? you sure your not the one on drugs..?? lol
    i wanna go but are you gonna give me a lift..?? :)
    i went on a site thingy to sign up for that meet in april but dont get how to sign up for it.

    *computer retard* lol

    so can u do it for me please..x

    btw.. you avent said whether or not you are eating..??

    x soft ladd!! :D x
    no the pickup is going to be my mates he gets it next weekend and hes joining on here so you will see more of it
    got the rcl working, bloody destructions weren't that clear soafter a few fuses i got it sorted.ace.
    anyjoy selling the pineapple yet?
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