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  • Weymouth Dorset.dunno how far that is from you??Would you want door card aswell?Coz door is mint but the owner before me stuck some big pioneer 6x9's in adaptors onto the cards.so card will have 4 screw holes
    Alrite mate won't let me pm back,not enough posts or something! sorry the rear arch is no good really.there's surface rust on the arch and the filler neck bit is rotting
    ello m8 dont suppose you got a x20xev knocking about do you. The cambelt snapped a week before xmas and want an x20 back in, if so what is best price you can do if i come and collect it, dont want ecu or loom just engine still got cat for x20xev so straight lump swap am deseperate as my 6 year old has 2 mile walk to school till its fixed.....its not her im worried about its the marathon the missus has to walk!!
    alright pal, could you pm me pics of the cav slabs.
    Astra GSiT 5 Stud (Built Not Bought) - am i wrong in that someone else fitted it all for you and you bought the engine?
    i will do mate, its just finding the time xD stupid work its hard because i work 7 days a week :sad: but i will keep in touch :beer:
    yeah sounds good well at one point i'm coming up to blue water soon so i will come meet you at yours or something plus be nice to meet you as well :) also i can see what you got.
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