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  • Hy! I'm from Hungary! Can You help me? How can i install omex rev limiter for my Astra mk3 X16xe? Pls help!
    Hi Andy. I have still not received my membership pack which I renewed on the 31st October 2016. I have checked your post on how to confirm membership expiry dates just to double check and I am a paid up member to 31st October 2017. If you would kindly send this to me, at would be much appreciated.
    Hi!i try to open etc and i cant...can you help me?i want fit a mfd on my astra and i need the guide!thanks anyway
    Yep, unfortunately other things get in the way and have to take priority. It'll be slow progress, but it'll get there
    That's how long ago I toyed with the idea, but there was no real info on doing it and the couple that had didn't want to share how to do it, I need to get my garage cleared out and then get cracking with the Turbo, really looking forward to working on it again
    Hi Andy. Player arrived safely today, sad thing is though, I can't use it in our Carlton. The type you sent was made specifically for the Mk3 Astra/Kadette, which has the programme display separate above it in the dash. It also means of course that even if I did manage to fit it, I couldn't code it in for the same reason. Never mind and thanks anyway. Cheers, John.
    Hi Andy are you interested in any rear electric windows at all but the only thing is that there SA ones for £25 all mechtiams (dont know how to spell it) are with it and wiring and siwtches etc. If interested please send message back but you would have to collect. Tried sending private message but it wasn't working.

    hiya mate i hope you can help me i have got a astra mk3 1.6 8v 1997 i fitted a 4 inch big bore and a new standard middle pipe today and it still sounds like it has a standard back box on it now it is blowin abit could that have anythim to do with it
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