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    your cars are cool, u guys are lucky u can get parts,i have wanted to to buy a hose for the petrol tank and serced all of cyprus and could not find 1.even went to opel here and they cant even get me 1.i dont know where to get 1 from, so i can only put 10 lites at a go.i never knew i would have so muck agro but i like my astra so any ideas where ill be able to get a hose from guys
    car aint too bad, just working hard, i might come where abt is it? money is tight atm so will keep u posted! hows ur car doing? what u been upto?
    Nah mate, ain't left the house, lmao haven't been up long come to think of it.

    my car or me? Quickly runs to check the astra is still on the drive lol
    Ahhh nice one mate, i'll have a look and see if you've updated your diary bud. Ahhh that's right you don't have one! grrr start a diary up my man! You got black angel eyes of chrome-eo's? I'm hoping to have my new wheels for billing :D
    Lol i haven't put it on yet, i attempted cleaning it out when i got back and since it's been left to dry :cool: Should put it on it a sec. I'm sure it's fine mate. Cheers :D

    Just thought if your after a new front grille i should be able to hook you up. Sure i've got a few with all the clips in tact, only problem, they're a different colour. . .
    Heya Paul, Yes mate, picked her up on thursday - running sweet as a nut dude. I won't be going to the ludlow meet unfortunately, i'm absolutely skint, so i'll be taking up any sunday overtime for a good while to come. You plan on going to billing this year?
    Could get a v6 outta a cav for cheaper mate, sure i saw a v6 cav on migweb for £600, full mot etc. Bargain.

    Whats the plan for yours then? Just the engine change and zorst or d'you have some more up your sleeve?
    Cheers for the offer Paul, seems the c14nz beast will live on though! getting the head skimmed in kiddy on tuesday so should get it back wednesdayish to give it a good go over and carry on with the modding! :cool:
    I have no idea atm mate, gonna see how much my man is after for repairing it, if it's too much then i'll consider getting rid of it. . . Or see how much a bigger lump would cost insurance wise. All good fun though. It's getting trailored in tomorrow afternoon so no doubt i'll be stripping it the weekend ;) Lmao
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