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  • I hear from a post your breaking a red astra f gsi I was wondering if the bonnet and both wingmirrors are still for sale
    I've read your post about a car,I'm being cheeky I no but.I have the hunk for sale for £150 MOT is nearly out and it's got 9 mths disabled tax left.However the engine,exshust and interior are sound.The body work needs sorting but I dont think it's any thing major,I think it/might pass it's mot and if it dose fail I dont think it would be on any thing major. It is only abasic 1.4 8v on a p plate and I'm only getting rid because I bought an estate at the weekend.
    It's only a thought.Give me a shout if your interested 07856073717/dawnisamadbat@aol.com
    cheers Dawn
    Hi Nath, cheers for the advice on the motor mate and sorry to disturb you on the Bank Holiday. Car going into garage in Aldershot tommorow after having Rac out, suspect that cam belt has slipped a couple of teeth so looking like a new belt etc, hopefully not a rebuild.
    hi m8,

    thanks for dropping the lights off last night - think they will work well with my re-vamp.
    Will hopefully be starting a diary thread soon - seems a good way of getting advice and info as well as sharing stuff.
    Hi Nath, thats cool mate. Will drop past on my way home to Bournemouth then as going back to work on saturday so can drop past your place on the way. Will let you know before I leave aldershot, prob at yours for half 12 - 1ish maybe earlier but will let ya know mate!!
    Hi Nath, was hoping to get down to yours on Wednesday...Got a petrol situation thou, ie no money for petrol..lol.. U around on friday at all mate? Otherwise will have to try and arrange to drop round for bits and bobs off white one..;-)
    Hey Nath, just looked at your new motor on the bay, looks alright mate!! Hopefully this one wont give ya as much grief, although knowing vauxhalls they all give grief..lol.. Catch up soon mate, may pop down next week but will let ya kno
    Hi mate, asked my mate about welding your back box hangers, and no problem.
    He will do it for £20 which ain't a bad price. Just needs to to mark up where you want them. Let me know what you think and if you want to go with it, I shall arrange it for you.
    Dont need the wing mirrors now, bought some, (even tho tere manual) but atleast there not made of black masking tape haha
    Alright matey,

    Just wondering if you have a set of Electirc wing mirrors u need to get rid of for a small fee?

    Cheers :D
    Hi Nathan I have just realised that you dont have my address
    Cheers D
    alright, yea i just spoke to him on the phone and its all paid, i had to go to sea for 2days to test our engines, and i cannot access the website on the MOD internet :)
    yea im from bursledon currently residing in woolston and drive to warsash every day 4 college. how about yourself?
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