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  • That said, it is quite small and you can't get a decent man sized tissue box in there, but it has its uses.
    Also saw your message to Matt. I got one in my LS, just get a couple of nuts and bolts and screw it on underneath the glovebox. Have a nosy down there when you get a second and you will see a couple of fixing points sticking out. Easy one minute job and I got one for 99p.
    hi astra merit just seen what you put forward to matt you can get the shelf and fit it to your astra m8 did the same in my misses astra afew weeks ago.(and thats a astra merit im going to do the same to my ls)

    they dont cost much either and are not hard to get m8!
    My MOT cost 160 quids and thats with abit of welding! For your alloys why dont you get yer parents or someone you know has a good credit rating to get them from somewhere like halfords and you can pay monthly for ten months, a 600 pound set is only gonna set you back 60quid a month then. Breaks it down nicely.
    Also car went in for MOT this mornin, Ill see how it gets on then im colour coding interior.
    Mines blue at the mo, dark blue but my bumpers arent colour coded as yet but they will be. As for the rev counter if you need any help/tips let me know, its quite easy. Have you got anything else planned?
    At the mo ive got my exhaust fitted and a rev counter and thats it but lookin to replace the grill with an aftermarket jobby, black front+back lights, a new suspension setup (GMax) and a whole respray in a deep metalic grey. Im going to get my alloys this week, nice black ones, only 15"/16" for perfomance (I dont like massive wheels, whats the point?) it should look sweet
    I'm modifying the look of my rio verde mk3 astra merit 14i, any ideas or tips would be welcome, as i am new to this sort of thing! at the moment, all i have done is spray the wing mirrors same colour as the car, fit a CD player, new gear knob and gaiter, and i plan to take off the old black front and rear bumpers and spray them green as well, so any other ideas would be great!
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