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  • Yeah mate they did arrive but they weren't sticking very well to window they just didn't want to come off the sticker thing. Anyways thank you for your samples ;).

    Hello Mate - Stickers turned up yet?
    I sent some others same day to Nottingham (diceboy) and his arrived Saturday.

    THANKS mate just accepted it . if i need any help is it ok to ask you about it by any chance mate
    I don't really know how to run it probably either but just put anything on there or give it to another member on there ;) gave it to you mate cuz I didnt think the others are on here as much as you are ;)
    I have still got it mate just need more info on what to do with running it and such if you know what i mean i would pm you but your inbox is full mate :beer::beer:
    Silver Astra Appreciation Society how would i do it and whats needed to do it mate i havent got a clue i'am intrested in doing it tho mate
    OE plus- As used by the VAG squad. Cherry picking the best bits from other cars from the same manufacture to improve/modify the car.

    Like fitting the wheels off a MK5 Astra on to an MK3. Or putting in a late Corsa B steering wheel etc.
    Another MK3OC member that thinks that 5drs are cool :cool:. Also OE plus is the way to go :thumb:.
    Hey mate, someone told me you fitted the right click alarm system, how was it to fit was it fairly simple?

    Hi its at the front just behind the radiator goes from the battery across and up then got a screw top on it then goes back down towards the cam belt hope that helps thanks again mate.
    :sorry:sorry to bother you mate. could you please do me a favor. i need a air-con pipe for mine can you have a look at yours for the part number for me please as i cant find it on mine as its all rusty and gunk ed up thanks again mate.
    Thanks for the heads up mate us silver arctic owners should stick together i only became a full member earlier on today and its been fantastic so far thanks again mate
    have you sold the alloys yet m8!

    the other set i mean as i think someone might be interested i will kepp you updated!:thumbsup:
    thanks for the alloys m8 added you to my freinds list now chap good to meet you.
    and good artic very well looked after.
    dave (vectraartic) asked if he can have first refusals on the car ha!
    alloys are really excellent really pleased with deal thanks again tez.
    Hi mate, quick question...

    was just looking at your thread for your car, and noticed that your car, being an artic, had a shelf below the glovebox, just wondering whether you know if that would fit in any astra, as my LS doesnt have one, i thought it might be handy!

    cheers, Rhys
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