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Ben Chiles
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  • Cheers mate.

    It's good. Took a little modding to get it to fit properly, but I think that's because the sportex system I have on there atm must be an older version. The two ends where the back box joins the rest of the system were exactly the same diameter, but it's all fitted now and 100 times better then the old box.
    Sounds brilliant once it's warmed up. :nod: :beer:
    I got orange indys and pretty sure i got rear light clusters but not 100% sure but i will check. You can have them if you pay postage my friend! im not on here much so just email me michael.tucker90@yahoo.co.uk if interested!
    Mr b has gone now and the story with cars there aint one. Long time ago i had a mk3 astra that was stolen so i got another one to finsih off my project (Mr b) Finsihed it off and had to sell or break it as misses was going off it as i had 3 cars. Im no longer with her now lol and im mainly into go kart racing at present. I love mk2 astra and never owned one so i thought i would have a stab at the one i showed you.
    they are the blck ones i will start a diary when i do some serious work on it lol i dont have the money yet but will do soon, then it will be mega shopping time and new engine time then i will start a diary of all the work done on it otherwise it just be boring lol so what u been up to lately mate?
    finally fitted that new grill you gave me mate looks ace now with my angel eyes too which i got of neal the weekend have to pop up one weekend if you not busy
    yeah if you got one that be great i can always respray it before fitting it let me know if you got one and how much u want for it
    if the mk3 is still on the road i will be going billing in that if not then new car hopefully i got letter the other day sayin that money will be paid into my bank by end of the month so will be engine shoppin and swaping, glad u got ur motor back on the road i mite be goin ludlow not sure yet as got holiday next month so need to save some funds for that as misses is screwin i keep spendin money on car lol
    thinkin im gonna v6 it then strip it full race spec interior (i.e nothing lol) some racing buckets and change all the front end legs and 5 stud it roll cage ect just a few lil mods lol and i seen a 2.5 v6 vectra in egay for £250 low milage engine too all running from a registered breakers so get warranty too
    nice one mate glad to hear she lives on lol need my convoy buddy lol should ave my money come through in next few weeks so goin shoppin for new engine lol c20xe or maybe 2.5 v6 out of a vectra
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