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  • my brother is gonna ask his mates at college if they interested in ur 20's will ring u and let u no wot they say ok mate
    hey chancey i will give you a ring next weekend to arrange to come look at that splitter that you said you had if you still got it?
    nah nah i have been a gd boy lol i almost did the other day tho i went to over take a rover then i noticed a car coming towards me but i thought fook it so i carred on and when i over took i noticed the car coming towards me was a police car and i thought he would pull me cuz i was doing 60 in a 30 lol but no he carried on scribble back xxx
    ye ta hun, we got bk fine! ow r u n e way? xxxx wrtite bk! u been pulled since sunday 4 speedin haha xx
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