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  • Yeh hes great. (just like me ;)) lol.

    Just been having a clearout myself, various bits and bobs hoping to get a van from work, if not I'll be coming in the corsa. Would like to get rid of as much as possible ideally as in need of the wonga for the wedding :)

    Hows your car, still all ok?
    Yes still coming to the spares day, unfortunately Sam cant make it but my brothers coming along to keep my company lol. You got much to sell this year?
    Hi Claire diaster Dawn stricks again! I've payed for my stand pass for Billing but didn't say what car it was for.It is a M reg 1.4 mpi white estate.
    Thanks Dawn
    Evening Claire! Hows the cold? I bet Alex didn't want to go to work tonight when he got back! Thanks again for letting me stay that was real great of you both :)
    Now why would you think that :rolleyes: :lol: Yes the other purchase is ok, Im starting a diary tonight.

    And no, Alex doesnt tell me anything, I'm left in the dark all the time :lol:
    Well I'm back now and no I didn't sleep on top of loz :lol: Spent way to much money on our night out, we went to a special club ;)
    No it's not man flu, it's propper flu, may be a mild swine flu but I don't know :lol: Well last time I was in Cardiff we went to a special place, was just before the Ludlow meet, can u remember where I told u?
    Good. I'm so so, not been very well for the last week :( I'm off to Cardiff this weekend ;)
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