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  • hi dan, trying to reply to your message but it says your message box is full? i still would like the window glass
    Yup that's it, there's a mark on the cam and crank, can't miss them. Paint your own marks on too before you remove belt for good measure
    Hmm, i'm struggling to remember now lol.. either way cam pulley isn't hard to get off
    yep, an its not even the best door tbh, out of a scrappy an its got a car on top of it, im gunna have a go see if i can get it off, if not ill just leave it, its not even off a sport or anythin, its a merit lol
    i know of a red drivers door down here, but he wants £50, so gunna see how much i can get itfor if i get off myself, if he still wants £50 he can shove it up his...... but ill let you know if i get it, if not its all yours if you fancy a drive lol
    you can pop down tonight if you want just text me when you get to the postcode and ill come out misis will kill me if we wake the kids lol
    i'm going to start it soon as i get my car back from the mot garage, it just passed plus it proper need t cutting lol so when i get it back i will be working on it all day
    ive only ever spoke to him twice lol. Everyone has their own opinions, he just chose to take mine the wrong way. nevermind. lol Might even sort my exhaust or grille out today
    Know what you're saying Dan, but you know him I don't. More to the point he doesn't know me, so I don't want to upset the lad. I also noticed he doesn't rate your car very highly, personally I think yours is tastefully done.
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