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  • Hi folks!! I'm Hugh Waddell from Newcastle upon Tyne and I'm really interested in vauxhall cars!! We had cavaliers in the ninties to the early noughties!My uncle owns 2016 mk6 limited edition and my mum used to own a mk1 celebrity in the eighties!

    I'm really thinking of considering mk3 ownership!!what do I look for?!!

    Arches and petrol filler cap are prone to rust as are the sills, what engine size you going for?
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    wtf lol yeah that is stunning mate nearly as stunning as mine lol id love one ov them to show off all me bling....speaking of which i jus received me polished wing bolts off ebay so am gonna have chrome bolts to go with the rest im thinkin of getting a set of driveshafts chromes to fit at a later date lol along with a few other bits ive decided to get blinged up lol....i love shiney bits
    have you got another number for phill cos the one you gave Sarah says it's out of service
    got a black dash here if your interested mate 25 of ur finest quids infact im bustin the whole car lol owt ya want giz a shout...mind how ya go fella see ya soon..philly
    alrite fella nice to hear from ya...yeah i know you sez ur gonna be busy as fook for a while the last time we spoke, yeah me an me mate where gonna go tow thw gi back in his van till some 79 year old senile **** pulled out in front ov him an wrote his van off...so the plan now is to use the hire van if he gets it in time for sunday and either tow it with that or i mightjus call the rac an say my cars funked on the way home an they will tow it back lol..ive never had to use em yet but if it gets me a free tow home then why not..am gonna list me white gsi on the bay this weekend with starting bid of 800 quids see how she goes then need to get van up an running so i can get shot of the corsa...i hate the fcuker its tooo slow lol.....i will end ya some pics of the new gsi when i finally get her home.......and i will catch up wiv ya soon mate take care
    weyhey ive bought another gsi in black its a ph2 with ph1 kit and rear spoiler and the body is in better nick than my white one lol.....the headgasket is funked tho but nowt that wont fix and then am selling one of em off depending on which i like the best...am like a funkin spoilt kid aint i lol av now got 3 gsi's a van and a corsa and beleive me mate the corsa is the first to go i hate the damned thing lol so now am in a dilemma as to which one to keep...decisions decisions eh lol
    alrite fella hows it going?? yeah looked at the qed site before they have some really good stuff there i might have some stuff off em for my xe, i was thinking of selling the one i have that needs a sump and buy a complete unit prefrebly dis pack type altho bratz wants 300 quids for his a bit too much but i dont need the gearbox he wont split his set up...av jus got a mint passenger door for me white one and gonna get a full gsi front end for me van soon so i got loads going on atm love them euro astras i want some of them deep dish alloys i love the euro look
    chers matey ive sent kev a pm coz am needing a fuel rail too so see what he has left over from his huge stockpile of stuff lol
    kin ell mate i want it thats well lush mate and probs rare as hens teeth i dare say
    The original Holden Astra, introduced in August 1984 as the LB series was a badge engineered Nissan Pulsar (N12). The Pulsar, a Japanese designed model, sold alongside the unique to Australia Astra line-up. The Pulsar for Australia was essembled in Clayton, Victoria; however, for the Astra the body panels were pressed at Holden's Elizabeth, South Australia facility. In a way, this was similar to the Pulsar-derived Alfa Romeo Arna sold in Europe at the same time. Unlike its Nissan counterpart, the Astra was only offered as a five-door hatchback, with the three-door hatchback and four-door sedan body styles omitted from the range due to fears they would overlap with Nissan's own Pulsar range. However, Holden's continuation of the Gemini sedan range supplemented this.
    bit of history of the Aussie Astra's
    hiya mate yeah i tried to fire her up yesterday but no joy with it..i heard a click noise which could have been summat snapping again lol so ive decided to get another astra diesel and swap the bits i need onto mine there is one on ebay but its in gravesend and i can have it for 200 quids tax an test run out end of the month tho and i need to work out a way to get down to kent to collect it...why are these things always miles away lol
    yep there is an un canny resemblence lol mind you he has less hair than me...damned cloggies lol
    i know that feeling mate i sleep that long most of the time lol am gonna start bustin the v6 beast at the weekend starting with the interior...happy days
    a big thanx to you mr dan for giving me a hand today in getting the shed home without any bother you is a star mate i owe ya big time mate
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