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  • Haha yeah I noticed the two ladies in the car with you. My car was ditched took me two hours to clean it today I was on a delivery hence the eratic driving lol need to speak to you about something anyway Im tearing my hair out over a problem Im having and no garages have a clue whats wrong.
    Hey fella spotted you yesterday in durham I was behind you on leazes road in durham I gave you a little pap but you didnt notice me. your car looks the buisness close up mate :D
    Hi Gareth can you get in touch re the trim please :) Also how much would it cost me for you to replace all the brake pipes on Bertha? they have to be done befor August
    yeah mate the only bit ive cut is the passenger side where it goes up into the engine bay...the rest is complete with the plugs and it seems to join up with the engine/ecu loom so am trying to keep it all complete...am gonna look at whre the wires i cut come out and poss re join em again when i get the engine out
    yes mate av got the whole lot including the loom with plugs fitted and all the way to the ecu coz the wires start at the passenger fotwell an route accross the back seat and down the driver side and into some plugs then up into the engine bay...ive got as much of it as poss but dunno as yet where the wires end coz chopped em at the bulkhead lol....ive got the ph1 coin tray witht the tc and seat switches so just a case of wiring it all in when i fit the v6....av been wanting to do this conversion for a while but the petrol prices put me off for a while but now am not too arsed i wanna v6 now....the motor is only running on 5 pots atm dunno what the problem is as yet tho but will all be clearer when i strip it down..am going to re ring the pistons and av new shells fitted tho and re work the head before its put in the car as i dont see the point of puting a 119,000 mile engine in place of a 88,500 mile one ....
    :wave: do ya think if i get a pov spek bumper and give you it along with my irmy bumper you would be able to work your magic and fix it? il waite till i have money tho :(
    hiya gareth hows ya doin mate...just wondering if its poss to fit the traction control to an astra v6...av jus got me a cav v6 to break its got a problem only running on 5 pots atm so am gonna get it sorted an put it in the white gsi but im wanting to fit the tc system aswell....av jus took the module out with a big chunk of loom just need to know if it will go in.....i might be needing your help with this conversion eventually mate...
    15th mate :) at whitby, could i posably have your sfi box please :) and are we doing a convoy to TV live
    Hi mate,

    Tried to pm you but your box is full.

    If you still have the handles I'll take them.

    Is it 10 quid posted for the whole set?


    Hi Gareth
    All going well I will be comming over to yours tomorrow morning,if that's still ok.
    cheers Dawn
    Hi Gareth
    I have lost your address,here's my e-mail addy dawnisamadbat@aol.com and my mobile is 78056073717 and we can sort out a time for mr to come up to crock
    Cheers Dawn
    Hi Gareth can I come up to yours so that you can tell me what you think of the body work,and what I'll have todo to get it 2 look better.As I think it is ****e
    Cheers Dawn
    Gareth I dont need the bumper. I wrote Fred of not long after I left you all. I'm fine just very sad
    Thanks see you there,I will be thinking of you when I drive down as it will take me 1 hour max
    :wave:Hi Gareth
    What time do you want to meet up on Saturday? And are we still want to meet up outside the gate's?
    Cheers Dawn
    Hi Gareth
    I think meetting up with you at Morton Park for me dosn't sence. As I only live down the road more or less I'll meet you either at the ground or just before.
    Sorry to be a pain ass
    Cheers Dawn
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