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  • if you need to sort the paypal mate give me a txt and ill call you, just heading into town now
    thats not a bad price at all for that lump mate!

    at the moment i have no monies though as its invested in

    this Corsa SXi

    and this Pug 206 GTi

    also the other day me and matt were in Audi TT and beeping at you but dont think you knew it was us
    evenin ive got all the tools m8, so ready to go in the mornin, if i aint there ill be a lil late back but dont worry just wait
    i dont have axle stands mate, i might beable to get some though!! ok ive got your address now, i have 3 spring clamps! :D
    so a set of springs, 2 spring claps if u have them might be able to get another one if not and axel stands
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