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  • Nah, i've got a white GSI mate and i'm from Cov.

    You're thinkin of Daz Knight with the flip painted, LET'd 4x4.
    Yeah not to bad mate, got some crap running problems at the mo think it might be the 02 sensor playing up nev-o even said its that,n e way you got any problems or is all sweet at the mo?
    jim read this on ebay ive just found out about your manifold mate. type this number search in on ebay and read the description. its 260594401698. the cheaper made manifolds cause running problems!!!! could be your problem m8??? elt
    mk3 parts for sale-stainless steel inlet manifold for x16xel 100 pound mint condition plus 4 branch downpipe 80 pound(soz me pound sign aint working for some reason)
    still a 2.0 though mate nice motor im after the old 2.0i 8v from a cav sri me bro had 1 sxxx of a stick mate 134mph 130bhp
    Hi there, thanks for the comment, it's just the standard X20 XEV 2.0 Ecotech, nothing special really.
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