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  • Howsit bud , do you have another wiring diagram more for the 200is if need to please email it to me adam.k.frank28@gmail.com

    Sounds like a spark issue for sure on the ts would check plugs and leads aswell
    Hallo, yes it was the ignition coil, but I’m cheking the plug and leads as well. Thx

    This diagram doesn’t have the 20SEH, but you can use the C20NE diagram. Diagram 8.

    The C20NE is a 2L 8V motor and should be same as the 20SEH.

    In the UK they only had the C20NE in the MK3’s (f’s).

    The 20SEH motors have more power = 95KW

    The C20NE motors = 85KW

    Awesome I thought so just struggling with 2 wires and 1 stupid plug cant figure out for the life of me where they go
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