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  • Yeah that's fine mate, Claire's is holding back a bit at the moment, we suspect it's cause we still have the xev cat in there and it's restricting it once it's warmed up as from cold it flies :nod:
    allrite mate, finally got excepted on here, kinda want thoses dials, but think im gonna start saving up for a new car, im gutted, there was a redtop going for 500 on ebay the other day, same colour as mine, but was all the way down in cornwall, coudnt be arsed with that, so im just gonna keep saving
    That sounds good to me mate, text me your post code and your number when ya can will organise with Dave then for us to travel to you on saturday :)
    No problem mate I will PM you my Mobile now, would Saturday be okay? Dave will be bringing me down Just I can't drive on my spare for too long :lol:
    yeah free all weekend, i will get better pics for you tomorrow, i think the tyres will need changing mate alex got pulled in them and got a warning.
    I am more interested in the 16"s mate, how bad are the bad tirers? much miles on them or will have to change? when can i come up? :P free this weekend at all?
    Hey Lee, I see you've got alloys for swaps, but I am in desprate need of 17's as I have wrecked my one alloy in tesco's car park the other day on a pot hole :( Will you be willing to sell any instead of swaps? also if so how much? cheers mate
    I am abit tight for money atm mate, but if its bigger bore than mine, i will prob have it after xmas/new year mate if you stll have it then ;-)
    Yes mate of course, im in no rush mate ;-)
    Just i heard the V6 air flow meters are a larger bore than mine, and as im revamping my inlet system, i thought id try and find out for sure and try and find a knackered one to mod if they are bigger ;-)
    Hey there mate,i need to ask a favor, is there any chance you could measure the bore of your V6 Air FlowMeter please mate?
    Yo, hows things? Where did you put your foam to secure the lights? I tried putting it between the headlights and the front bumper but it got in the way of the rieger grill and can't see anywhere else it would go where it would?! any ideas?
    Yeah thats fine Mate. Im unsure if im going to carry on with the car after the new year so no rush. Can you still make the RR?
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