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  • I've already found ne froma guy on here mate. F20, flat XE flywheel and clutch for £100!
    hi mate seen thread you won leather interior on ebay ,you fancy selling for a profit to me since you fitting bucket seats ?
    yeah i put mine between the lights and bumper, just made a slice in the foam for the grill to sit in.
    There is too much work involved they have been cut to fit under the arches (your arches) so the only way i can use them skirts is if i go wide arch which im not there no good other wise. got no replacement because plans have changed the misses is haveing my astra now and im getting a new one.
    G'day KROW - did you used to "love" in New Zealand? It is a really great place - warmer climate in Auckland than Victoria, Canada, where I came from.

    The Astras are branded as Holden here and in Australia. Years ago we lived here and owned a 1996 Holden Astra 1.6L petrol - didn't know it as an "MK3" - didn't even know about Vauxhalls. There are also Corsas (called Barinas here) and Vectras etc.

    Living here again now and this time own a 1996 Astra diesel. Was the mother-in-law's car - she had it from brand new. We took it over (needed quite some attention) and I think its great. Run it on biodiesel made from used Thai food vege oil.

    These forums have been a great help. Learned a lot about diesels I must say. If we ever return to Canada I will try to get my hands on another diesel!

    Cheers, Paul
    Yeah just seen it, no worries. Had a bit of interest on ebay again so i'll see how its goes on there.
    Hi, you ok? let me know if you get anything sorted and can come and collect the wheel/wheels, want rid asap really. Cheers.
    Yeah its pretty costly..
    I had two sets, both bent, so repaired one and flogging the other lol.
    Yeah pal the paint spray is a 2 pack primer i dont know much bout it only have to have full respray if damaged cant touch up as the colour changed dramatically it is pearlescent and i used big industrial heaters to harden the paint but it is nightmare in this weather is that any help for you bud?
    If you do decide to come. Ive got that ariel for you. Let me know if i should bring it or not :)
    Hi Ben. Are you well enough to come out 2night? Hooters? Have you spoke to Matt.
    lol u bitch there is no secret between 1 and 2..... dirty tactics. ill have to have another go tomorrow. chris111 beat my score on Battle of Helms Deep try that wound me up earlyier.
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