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    1.4 8v tuning?

    Thing is. You want a bit more grunt which is fine and understandable, but will you declare these mods to the insurance company? either way you'll get a premium increase if you do tell them. If i was you what i would do is give the engine a really good service. get a good panel filter and stick...
  2. lewism

    1.4 8v tuning?

    Yeah. Don't bother. I'd probably get rid of the induction kit as well and go back to a standard panel filter.
  3. lewism

    Cheap MK3. Clean shell/bodywork.

    Hi guys. Looking for a cheap little astra for a track/project car. Heres my spec. - Clean shell. Preferably minimal rust/no welding/ good sills. light surface rust i can deal with as long as it hasn't bubbled. - 3 door preferably. - engine/spec not really fussy as i plan on dropping in a XE...
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    Well mate if theres anything i can do to help, let me know. alright chap, how's it going? haha i know, hope all is well. By the way, did anyone find out what happened to niffer? haha
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    haha, hows it going mate? who's still kicking about that i will remember? Yeah i can see, good to see it's still going strong, really proud of the team. Changed my lifestyle a bit and ditched the internet, popped in now and again to see how things were going though. How's Paul, he still around?
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    Alright guys, Hows things going? Haven't been around the last couple of years, moved house, lived life a bit, completed university. Hows everyone doing here? who's still kicking about. Great to see the place is still thriving. Unfortunatley i sold my astra last year for the princely sum of...
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    Time may have come AGAIN!

    for my next car im going to get a 330diesel. evo 6's are lovely though. especially in blue.
  8. lewism

    Who can boast the quietest interior???

    its not an astra unless it squeeks or theres a rattle.
  9. lewism

    Followed by the Police last night

    when they do that they tend to run a check on the plate, youd be surprised how many astras get nicked. since i put the banana cannon on the boat a couple of months ago, interest in the car has gone up. so it'll be coming off as soon as it rots :lol:
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    buying a house

    i'd personally wait until summer/this winter to buy a house if you could.
  11. lewism

    Re: My Accident

    put it on youtube, hell be nicked in about 45 seconds.
  12. lewism

    Well after 3 1/2 years it's been done.

    what you getting next?
  13. lewism

    Well after 3 1/2 years it's been done.

    Can't believe your selling Lee :(
  14. lewism

    240MPH wooden wedge.

    a 200mph splinter. lovely.
  15. lewism

    Crusing in Burgundy!!!!!!!!

    Your speedo overreads horribly as the years go by, saying that the 1.4's top speed was only 115 when it came out (i think) Burgundy does shine up pretty well though.