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  • Just like you? That's ok then, just as long as he's not worse :P lol

    Ah, so all proceeds will be donated to the wedding fund then? You've set a date and everything then I guess?

    The GSi is great thanks! We'd like to get the springs changed and bumpstops which will be the next job after the Estate is fixed. I read that yours has been garaged for a while - is that for the sake of preservation or just because you haven't needed it?
    Aw that's a shame (that Sam can't come, not that your brother is. I'm sure your brother is a very nice person, lol!)

    We have a fair bit, whatever GSi stuff is left that was intended for my Sport can go and any V6 related spares we have. Need to get the Estate up and running so we can get it all there! How about you?
    Good ta :)

    You still coming to the spares day? Would be good to see you both (if Sam can make it too) it's been ages!!
    Hi hopefully ive got the right person, if not sorry in advance :) was told on migweb you might have a sport front bumper for sale? if you have what colour and price you looking for? cheers chap
    Cool, we need to really push it to get a good attendance :nod:, prob be best to PM reminders every week
    ahhh bugger soz man, similar cars as ur avatars haha my mistake

    hes replied now cheers :) but he hasnt given me a wiring diagram as of yet haha

    cheers and sorry
    hiya buddy can you sort us out with rich (savage16) number mate?? im going to ask him what else he has got for sale, i want his heat sheild for the manifold if thats okay with him, cheers bud.
    ok mate if he can let you know when hes ready to post it for me then ill give you my address to pass on cheers
    im needing to get myself a machine polisher as i do it all by hand, so ive got plenty of fine swirls and scratches on my body work :L do you use a 3M pad??

    yes been finking of buying the german plates i really do like them, i just no a few people that own some VW's with them on and apprently there illegal at night as they dont reflect, thats what i got told, ill just have to buy some and see if i get pulled wont i :L cheers.
    hi mate what polishes do you use?? car looks really clean on your pics :nod: and have you been pulled for having the dutch style plates on or do you only use them for shows??
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