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  1. Max

    What Front Shocks to get for front legs?

    +1 Have them on mine. Cannot fault them.
  2. Max

    X14NZ - Water Pump removal??

    Pry bar between pump and block. Sounds very seized. Good luck.
  3. Max

    Overheating problem

    Any history to show when the cambelt was last changed? Its best to change the pump when changing the belt, if the previous owner had any sense that is.
  4. Max

    C20let smoking on idle

    Turbo oil seals.
  5. Max

    Overheating problem

    Try the rad fan switch, a new ones itsnt alot. Failing that, new water pump and stat.
  6. Max

    Oil change for an automatic gearbox

    Up to temp. All gears selected. Then park with the engine running. Check you put the right grade and amount (ltr) according to manufactures spec.
  7. Max

    Billing 2014 - Chat Thread

    Game on.
  8. Max

    Billing 2014 - Chat Thread

    Count me in for karting, I'll be around.
  9. Max

    Club Announcement Staff Changes

    Thank you Alex and all the best to the new team. Work and family commitments mean I dont get as much free time as I used to, but i'll still be around. All the best.
  10. Max

    15/16" Alloys

    15 or 16" alloys wanted, preferably with tyres for 4 stud vaux. What you got peeps?
  11. Max

    Gsi ph2 breaking

    Still got the cat back? Also any alloy wheels mate?
  12. Max

    -40mm/-60mm Rear Springs

    Let me know how much. Ideally looking for 60's now though.
  13. Max

    -40mm/-60mm Rear Springs

    Anyone got any for sale? Either/or as I already have 2 pairs of fronts. Ta.
  14. Max

    Max's X25XE

    Ah thanks guys :hug: Parenthood is harder than you realise, and they dont have a manual for it lol. Dont think ill be parting with the car any time soon, still more tinkering to be done before in happy with the V6, yes it costs a bomb to run but its worth it for the feeling you get whilst...
  15. Max

    Max's X25XE

    Long time no update. Not had much free time on my hands over the last few months, moving house, xmas, arrival of a newborn baby girl :) Cars still going strong though and ive acquired a few parts that ill be fitting in the near future. Metal cam covers, cause im fed up of the oil leak im...