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  • Thanks very much. Doesn't look so great in the flesh mind, all the rattle can paint work shows up! Yours looks good too, might not have so much done but at least it all looks the same when polished :thumb:
    Hiya, i live just outside norwich. My astra's bog standard and don't have any plans to do anything to it.
    always do just gettin back into training now for rugby so i should be able to sweat it out lol x
    paddy and murphey are on a train going through a forest paddy goes to murphey

    Paddy- hey murphey look at that lovely forest over there

    Murphey- Paddy how do you expect me to see anything when theres trees in the way
    best find some storage then.
    my birthday, dont mention my birthday im starting to feel old lol
    ireland aint boring i love it there
    i aint really looked at it to be hones, the garage said 2.5k to reapir it,
    cant move to kerry dave wouldnt like it lol
    lol thats okay :P finished polishing my car today looks well nice will put it on my thread in a bit!
    paddy and murphey go to a jungle whilst walking around muphey throws a big rock

    .. bang the rock hits the head of a tiger the tiger turns around and runs towards paddy and muphey, murphey sees the tiger and runs

    (irish voice)
    muphey- paddy paddy what are you doing..... run

    Paddy- why should i run i did'nt throw the f****** stone

    there you go lol x
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