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  • The X20XEV engines are cheap around here so if I had any trouble with mine i'd go find another engine to throw in. If I had the money spare though it would be nice to build one up with new main bearings and uprated con rods ect. mines standard con rods so my worry is if I run any more BHP then one could fail and I could end up with a rod through my block.
    Yep, in this moment i have on my mk3 the X18XE engine, , but it seems that Friday 13th it was for me with bad luck :( i just let down the oil from the engine, and surprise a lot of very very small metal in it. I think that the engine is dead. Thing is today i will go and take apart the oil sump to see the bearings and everything how it looks. i think i should start to search for another engine. or rebuild this one from 0 .
    Hi, my name is Bogdan, and i have to admit that what you did to your car
    left me without words!!! I love it!! I'm from romania, and also i have a mk3
    astra 1996 engine x18xe. I woul want go convert it into a x20xev. Maybe you can
    help me with some advices. Thing is i bought a vectra with that engine, only the
    biggest problem is that i think the engine is almoast dead, no oil preasure, as
    i first saw. Tomorrow and after tomorrow i will change the oil pump to see how
    the engine will sound after that because now it sounds like a diesel engine, and
    After that i can see what to do. I'm writing to you because what you did with
    tour engine is like i said in the beginig of my message outstanding, and i would
    like to ask you a few advices, and help in rebuilding the x20xev i have into a
    good engine to put in my astra. So what do you say are you willing and wanting
    to help a coleg from ro country? Waiting for youre answere!
    Hi There,

    Noticed that your kinda in my area, my mate lives on Gower crescent, Loundsley Green, i'm gonna be really cheeky now and ask if we can poss meet up and you can give me some advice on my Astra as i know nothing about cars and i think i have a few probs you can help with, i'll sort you out with either cash or beer or help in return, i just kinda need some help and you look like you know what your doing :)


    one option is just to get a strait pipe and bypass the cat with this or... as I would recommend- get an old broken cat and knock the insides out of it (honeycone type of filter that the cat has inside)... you could leave the cat like this but wil then sound "tinny" so would suggest welding a pipe to the inside of the cat (this means that if you look under the car it has got what appears to be a cat on the system).
    Thanks, Leon (yes, thats my name too!)
    Hi Mate, I Noticed you posted 'Just get a de-cat made yourself (they're easy enough to make up), will give it a nice and deep sound'
    Just wonderd how you go about doing that?
    Thanks Leon
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