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Mr Skint
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  • you going VBOA? who else is from here you know? i might pop over =] but dont think i can bring van as im not with a VOBA associated club (paid member)

    Would you be willing to sell the rear irmscher estate bumper individually or does it have to go with the skirts?

    Either way i'll have it if nobody else has got in first


    Hi, I haven't received paypal for the item (£20) and postage (£8) yet. If there's problems with anything, just let me know. ;)
    Hi, I've sent you a few pms about those shock absorbers. You've been online so at least do me the decency of either:

    a) Telling me if they arrived or not (they did)
    b) Paying me

    If there's problems, at least tell me. Thanks.
    hi mate hows things, do you wanna meet at a swindow junction on sund moring if so where and what time, cheers
    Hi Tom, Lucky is fine, she's a mad cat lol. is your girlfriend coming to the meet? be nice to meet her so we can moan about you boys lol. xx
    hi there is the side trim just stuck on cause i was going to do mine but i thought they would be clips and il have to body fill the holes many thanks ste
    Did the sticker turn up? As it's showing as signed for on the royal mail website
    well no you can get to the screw but cant do the white ring mod, which is a major part of this operation. you may have to just bite the bullet and get one. i wouldnt trust non gen parts on my inlet
    **** knows, im guessing its called a inlet manifold gasket, told him the year, there was only 1 anyway, might try local parts factors etc but im guessing i cant get to the fuel screw without this?
    jesus! thats mental. didnt realise they were that much. thing is on yours it HAS to be done to increase your fuel. see if dave got a cheap one? or ill speak to someone i know on mig who works for vauxhall parts. dont suppose you have a part number?
    where can i get bio derv from? i dont really no much about it, how to buy it, im guessing its pretty cheap, and burns cleaner? any disadvantages with it?
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