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  • Handbrake adjusted. Managed to get to the nut without removing the heat sheild. 16th of a turn at a time with a 13mm spanner. Needed about 4 whole turns, 60 tiny turns , flipping the spanner between each turn flat on my back and my eyes not being able to focus on the nut. Now the hand brake grips on the 5th click and is tight on the 6th. Happy.
    So sping and shocks fitted on the rear, but i was sold the wrong shoes and drums. Mine are the same size as on the estate version! Anyone else had this happen
    1.4 LS, 190,000 miles and counting. She has just been 'cosmetically written off' so I am treating her to some new shoes.I dont want to turn her into a street racer, but want to /got to keep her going for a while yet.
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