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  • hi pete, you still got any pineapple parts or the astra? i.e front bumper, grill, wings bonnet? sean off here crashed his astra last night so is in need of them parts. he doesnt have much net access so i said id ask for him. cheers
    hi pete , do you still want my to get you some pineapple paint , was it 2 tins , will bring them to autojumble
    depends if I have any other wheels with legal tyres, or if I need them mate. you're on about the MOMO's I assume rather than the Tigra wheels?
    i wanted to change it, requested this one ages ago, i had forgotten about it tho, i dont like it any more!
    i wanted to change it from figz because it's the name my uncle uses, and i need sonthing different.
    btw would you consider selling the alloys?
    Hi Pete, two things, I've posted a message about the 21st of June event on the site and, thankfully, we should now be keeping our Mk3. I'll tell you more when we meet, possibly at the Woodbridge on the 1st of March if you can make it, failing that, I'll keep you posted on here or maybe see you at the VBOA parts fair. Kindest regards, John & Sue.
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