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  • well i decided if it doesnt break within 2 weeks ill keep it, so im not gonna drive it for 2 weeks :lol:
    so take the arms off the puller, put bolts in that will fit the holes in the oval thing, twist and then start screwing the puller?? dont sound too hard
    Changing the dash, got bored of having a grey one . just gotta work out how to get the steering wheel off
    Yep! haynes doesnt tell yout hat you have to push the little clip down and pull the front out!! it just says "unplug the loom from the back"!!! stupid book
    awrite man u got any pics of your car? Know anyone selling 5 door interior and cards?

    Cheers, Sean
    do me a favor mate and put up a swap for three door sport door cards for a set of 5 door ones for u
    alright mate lookin of getting ridd of that interior so if u want it just make me offer
    i sold it on ebay yesterday, the guys picking it up at the weekend, if he doesnt show ill give you a shout
    custom job shouldnt be too expensive, £75 tops, place near me does them for a flat rate of £50
    it was rr'd at dastek last december and it made 201 at the flywheel but its fitted with a sealed induction kit now so may be a couple more, may be less who know its been standing for 4 months now, hoping the astra will be ready though
    havent got any plans until the end of the month coz of a severe lack of funds but should be undergoing an xe conversion soon after that, if its not ready ill take the cupra either way ill get something on the rollers
    go into your user cp and its under a bit down the left hand column that sais paid suscriptions then just follow the instructions. Im just gonna update the info on the rr day in a min
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