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  • hi ronnie im planning on using the v6 clocks on my mk3 v6 you have told me how to make speedo work but was just wandering whether i need the plugs from the back of the clocks off the calibra or will mine just plug in

    cheers ben
    hi mate could you help me with 2 bits of wiring on v6 vectra into astra f . where to wire black ignition feed to dis pack to starter loom. and the red wire that comes out loom with yellow plug where does this go
    Thats alright mate, they are just hard to find these days at a decent price! four of the local breakers near me haven't had any in for a while now!
    Hey RC, I notice you could be breaking a Vectra. I was wondering if you would have a set of SRi wheels knocking about? I am thinking of a set for the Zafira let me know :) cheers!
    Is sold?
    Ah ok thanks, not got spraying equipment myself so I cant use Dinitrol or Schutz stuff, found something called Epoxy Mastic 121 from RustBuster, just bought some of that, 2 pack rust preventing paint which is apparently the best stuff in the world and cant find any bad reviews about it, so will have a go on that. Awesome work mate, got a lot of respect for your ability to be able to do welding, spraying and mechanical jobs!

    Hi mate,

    Just been looking at your restoration of your Cav GSI, looks well good. Im restoring my Primera eGT at the moment but its got to stay roadworthy, used something called POR15 on the whole front end, taken wings off painted crevices in wings, whole front arches, rear nearside arch, bonnet underside, waxoyled sills, got loads done. Got to paint the main underside where the underseal is, what did you use as I want a permanent treatment to put on it and had a feeling you're like me for doing a job properly?


    Your inbox is full mate, so i will ask you here. If i did ask you to take the conversion job in a few months, how much notice would you need? And when would you need the cash? Would you take a deposit etc, or all at once, on delivery? What is best for you? Also, would a X25XE conversion be the same amount? If so then either of the 2 would be good. Thanks
    alright m8 have u had any problems with ur cone in ur inner wing on ur van .bin lookin at it but worried about sucking in water .
    i no wot your saying but my mate is a class d rally driver and he has a mk2 escort with a 280bhp naturally asperated redtop and he has that fuel regulator and has no problems i think its down to how you set your engine up etc
    got a fuel punp and reg fse should do the trick i hope pump good for 500+ will see how it goes wen on rollers can't wait
    i think theres not much in them from the vxr ones going to order pump and regulator and bits so will get some advise on the greens they should be good for 350 bhp cheers
    alright ron could you tell me im just running in my astra at moment iv got a 3 bar fuel pressure regulator stanndard let one as im after 300 + bhp wot would you recommend plus fuel pump many thanks if you could help cheers dale0
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