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  • i hope so its doing my head in.
    well done mate im looking for a zaffy myself you on vxzoc as i am under the same user-name lol is that the one your on.
    nobs hope you get it sorted soon mate ive been on the zaffy owners club alot at the mo bought a zaffy gsi and been on the hunt 4 a few bits and bobs
    cars playing up over fuelin and some t**t had ripped my drivers mirror off.glad your ok mate as we havent talked for a while
    Ello mate! i was jus wonderin wot was happenin at the end of the month with a meet. Its only because i wont be bak till this sunday hopefully because I'm in the Army but I've been injured which I'm waitin for the a okay to come bak!culd you let me know wots the plan an dil try and mak it!

    Cheers. stu!
    everbody will get a set off a omega neal1 wants a set too but i aint got any left.

    Mellow yellow and rick both of yours are packed up and waiting for the post office to open.

    I can get more lifters when im in the scrapyard on monday as i need a seat for the corsa
    Hello, do you come into Newport often? I swear I seen your car in the Somerton area a few months ago. I could be wrong but it was a five door with the same bonnet as yours
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