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    Maybe it's just my imagination but I seemed to have found my c25xe is running better on E10. Feels like it's got a bit more grunt
  2. rickisgrate

    Dave b's VXR Powered Gsi Diary

    Great work, I'm still on the hunt for a new tailgate for mine but having no luck at all.
  3. rickisgrate

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year

    From all the staff here at mk3oc I'd just like to say thanks for your continued support through 2021 and we hope to see you all at events in 2022 (surely we'll all be allowed out to play by summer, surely). All the best, Andy, Kev,Dave and Rick And Hulk Hogan
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    Astra 2.0 sport

    I've always preferred the ecotec over the "redtop", I had the ecotec x20xev in my 1st vectra and 8 years trouble free. Would happily have another
  5. rickisgrate

    2022 Calendar Entries

    Here's my contribution, pictures were taken by a 9 year old with a huwaei phone but I'd say they're not bad
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    My old Phase 2 astra GSi.

    Not mot'd since 2010, I'd say it's a cube by now
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    Ricks Arctic 24v

    Yeah they're pre face-lift vectra c Sri wheels
  8. rickisgrate

    SRi estate

    That looks awesome. Welcome to the club
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    Rear discs

    My handbrake cable fitted fine when I changed from drums to disks. Dunno if it was because mines is a 1997 model and slightly different than phase 1s? Mine also had the handbrake guides on the axel as well which some models are missing.
  10. rickisgrate

    will it ever stop? (not work safe)

    Wonder if he's found the lucky bag yet that contains a driving licence
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    Ricks Arctic 24v

    Took a notion and stuck it in for an MOT and well this happened. Imagine my surprise when I got that phone call. I won't post advisories list though haha. Also no idea how to upload pics from the gallery section in here anymore so from my phone they come, as annoying as it is its the only way I...
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    Ricks Arctic 24v

    So not much of an update, cars been sat since October untouched until yesterday. Put new front disks and pads on since the ones on there are pretty much destroyed. Noticed its gonna need a new inner CV boot, a horrible job if there ever was one. Also when I jacked it up on the drivers side the...
  13. In the ring

    In the ring

  14. rickisgrate

    Ricks Arctic 24v

    A couple pics from a a farm close to my house I took on Thursday, first time using it since the new windscreen got put in, happy to report no leaks or whistling noises coming from it.
  15. Bridge 1

    Bridge 1