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  • ok m8 its not full its ust cos i aint payed for membership!

    i dant want anything for it m8!

    im in ipswich if you wanna pick it up but i can post if you wanna pay for postage??
    yes mate i think they are a realie good engine and give very good power gains from cheap mods. sadly i think i'm gonna have to sell my engine as can't get hold of a new ecu for it as it is the early one it's got no transponder or chip and all the ecu's i can find have got then :( and would love to see what one of your engines went like after a re-build and upgrades. i found mine hit the 170 mark quite easy as still got a remap ect i could go for to get more power i recon 200bhp would be possible to hit in one :P
    hi mate its had polished valves and inlet when headgasket done , redtop injectors with z20let reg , inlet cam set up , full scorpion pipe with de-cat , lexmaul 4 branch, de-restricted air box with k&n pannel filter and a good full service before put on rollers. engine will be up for sale soon mate if enough interest
    In that case, i've only ever seen his car parked up and my mrs saw him actually driving it.
    Ha, small world eh. I live just off field lane in Chilwell so like 10 mins away. Crazy that we dont all see each other more often. I've seen Jaspa twice maybe? And you once.
    Haha, took your time :P

    Yeh, you live about 10 mins from me and Jaspa. Can't believe we never see each other. Where do you work?
    Ah right, didnt realise it was you. Yeh i come back from work that way. Haha, how weird. I did notice a purple sport, didn't realise that was yours but I do remember it.
    hiya mate, did you end up selling your 4 branch to farmerboy?? i fink that was his name :L and dint you have an uprated throttle body that you was selling?? cheers steve.
    Thanks for the comment chap, nice to see that people like my car too lol, needs alot of work doing at the min, just waiting for money to roll in. On that note, you dont fancy having a look at it for me do you Rich lol ???
    lets a bloody money pit, almost got everything to put it together again. then got to buy all stuff like intercooler etc etc, gearbox aswelll!!!! lol

    however i did get a msg from the guy last night saying they are now up for sale for £120, i dont know what the tread is like on them!
    Yeah im up for that mate, when and where? :D i can do any day in the morning next week, just want to make sure you are talking about the 15's that are on my car at the moment?!
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