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  • glad you have mannaged to otice the difference it makes mate did you mannage to get the injectors fitted or going to leave them for now? get it on the rollers :)
    yeh we'll have to meet up when i get another mk3 as ive currently got a passat turbo but im supposed to be swapping it for a phase1 gsi next week
    im supprised you never saw my old mk3 sport going round,i had it for 3 yrs and was always round chap and ecco
    No one does it think Courtney do them but not sure on cost I'm owed a favour so he's doing it ;)
    basically i have one here and a mates going to port it and change the butterfly (also paint it) then fit it :)
    .Hi, cheers mate. Ive got a machine polisher and use a fine cut liquidshine polish iirc, but only use that a few time a year. Other than that I use a turtule wax after every other wash to keep the shine.

    The German plates I had on my old car I had on all the time, did get pulled once in the year that I had them on.
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