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  • Hi mate, i noticed in an old thread that you said you can make single wiper conversions. Do you still do them?
    yeh my old sport had white cesaros on it at one point amongst various other sets lol
    i swapped it with a mk3oc user called haighy for a passat turbo as i fancied a bigger car but now 7 months later im wanting another mk3 lol
    fingers crossed im swapping the passat for a gsi this weekend coming so ill be trying to arrange a few meets round our neck of the woods or even another track day at cadwell park
    your old mk3 sport? is that the 5 door one with the white cesaros in the thread? no ive never seen it before buddy, but it does look really nice in the pic tho why did you end up selling it? ive only been into mk3's for the past year really so thats why i never saw yours i guess, used to have nova's before that instead so was more into them at the time, anyways should meet up, i want to see some other decent mk3's for once besides mine in the area :L and theres never no meets that go on around here really as far as im aware of, infact ive never been on a meet with mk3oc lol

    been on shiphill in rotherham a few times but most of them are **** cars wi body kits on which i dont like :L
    hi pal, bought the alloys yesterday from dan :) going to spray them white like yours, i was shocked to find out that you and dan only live round corner from me :L im from chapletown, apparently dan used to own my yellow astra i have got now lol anyways buddy should try organise a meet sometime i dint no they was any mk3oc's around my area.
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