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  1. KinG^Lee

    Invisible bike helmet

    Pretty damm cool maybe one will be made for motorbikes one day ? http://bigthink.com/design-for-good/yes-for-real-its-an-invisible-bicycle-helmet-and-it-is-awesome Video - http://vimeo.com/43038579
  2. KinG^Lee

    HTC ONE X - spare or repair

    Ok selling the HTC as i know have a new phone, first thing is first broken screen :/ droped it after owning it a month. good news is its still fully working screen still works as it should used it for 5 months no problems. I have brought a replacment screen but never got around to getting it...
  3. KinG^Lee

    Yes someone actually brought them teddy alloys.

    One word 'lol' The guy has a few plans for it, think it will look pretty good with coilovers lol.
  4. KinG^Lee

    reconditioned power sterring pump

    £30 to your door.
  5. KinG^Lee

    Gsi vent undertrays

    £5 posted.
  6. KinG^Lee

    Oil,Temp,Pressure gauges piller pod + vent pod.

    Hey these was off chris's V6 i paid 50 notes for them but neva got them fitted. comes with new gasket for the oil feed. Vent pod is very well made not cheap one. £40 to your door.
  7. KinG^Lee

    17 grand worths of Manta ?

    what you guys think of this.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OPEL-MANTA-I200-400-C20LET-TURBO-COUPE-/280860502392?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item4164972978
  8. KinG^Lee

    Self tinting the easy way.

    hey peeps come across this and i have brought some for my mk5, ill post results when im done. but i have seen a few people who have done it and it looks good, so thought ill pass on the website etc. its all legal mot friendly and best of all can be taken off. http://flyeyeskit.co.uk/index.php
  9. KinG^Lee

    Hello my west mid brothers

    Hey peeps Need a favour, any one from westmids area coming down south any time soon? Iv brought some wheels from around your way and would save me some travel time, just thought i would ask waynes done a few drop offs for me in the past, ill also sort u out with some drink money for your...
  10. KinG^Lee

    Powerflow system NO RESERVE

  11. KinG^Lee

    Astra mk4 Van

    Car For SaleMake and Model Astra mk4 Van Description: Here we have my van for sale that i have owned since January 2010, this van is a great runner and has neva let me down, also very good on diesel. Since i have owned the van i have had it serviced oil and filter change, fuel filter air...
  12. KinG^Lee

    Powersteering pump, practically new.

    brought this for my v6 but neva fitted it, fits all mk3 i believe. £35 posted
  13. KinG^Lee

    piller + vent gauges, (volt, oil pressure + temp)

    Hey these was off chris's V6 i paid 50 notes for them but neva got them fitted. comes with new gasket for the oil feed. £30 to your door.
  14. KinG^Lee

    MK5 Van

    Hey peeps yes its me again, the mk4 project was abandoned long ago once i got my hands on a mk5 van. So i got this van at a good price because the gearbox was gone, i could tell it was the bearings, at first i thought it was just a F23 with a 5 speed, but once i inspected it more i found out...
  15. KinG^Lee

    Gsi vent undertrays

    10 quid posted
  16. KinG^Lee

    Daddy, Daddy cool.

    Hey guys yeah u guessed it, yet another mk3 baby :) Liz gave birth to my beautiful son Alfie David White (sorry RC same name :/) on friday the 25th, actually on his due date :) Liz went though alot, after trying to push him out and not succeeding, we had to go to the theatre where...
  17. KinG^Lee

    F23 Gearbox with shafts etc

    I have a F23 Gearbox for sale, came from a 49,000 mk5 astra i also have the driveshafts to match and gear selector and cables and mounts. £250 all in. (pic up) Also i have a clutch and flywheel (duelmass) £100 can get pics if needed.
  18. KinG^Lee

    f23 Solid mass flywheel

  19. KinG^Lee

    Supercharger for xe/let

    saw this on the bay, thought someone might be interested. something different. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kit-supercharger-eaton-m62-vauxhall-c20xe-c20let-cavalier-corsa-astra-gsi-vxr-/180727448265?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2a143202c9
  20. KinG^Lee

    Sprayers look inside

    Im looking for some advice on spraying equipment, ie compressors, guns etc. Im going to be doing it as a hobby but i do want a professional finish, but also i dont wanna be paying a fortune, so i guess what im saying is im looking for some equipment that is decent and is in a good price...