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  1. Opel_Jay

    Air mass meter for k reg up for sale

  2. Opel_Jay

    Gsi bonnet for sale

    Mk3 Gsi bonnet with out vents and no dents.. Pick up only £30
  3. Opel_Jay

    K Reg plate for sale

    K 20 NEO for sale, on retention nice cheap privite plate.. No transfer fees, £200.
  4. Opel_Jay

    **Breaking Astra Gsi**

    I have a few parts from astra gsi if any one interested... List below with price.. Trades parts are welcome if parts are usefull to me.. Cheers, Jay =)
  5. Opel_Jay

    air mass meter

    x1 air mass meter great nick was off old gsi k reg 93 onwards.. Offers.
  6. Opel_Jay

    the murmer!

    Could do with some help on this one, its a bit weird.. When it ticks ova theres some what of a miss fire on it like its missing a beat.. Ive nick named the problem the murmer! When you look at the rev counter it seems to drop a little as it happens it happens around every 2 to 4 seconds, and if...