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  1. Johnthesparky

    22mm master cylinder

    I’ve swapped GSi brakes onto my van and have a long pedal, so am looking for a 22.2mm master cylinder. I’ve not got abs, so I need one from a mk2 gte I think, but the only ones I’ve seen are 20.64mm, the same as mine. I think I have a delco 3492467 on mine, so either need a 4 port one to fit...
  2. Johnthesparky

    Shorter front dampers

    I’ve blown a Bilsten front damper on the van, I’ve done 20k miles since I fitted, and I’m running -60 front springs so I guess I shouldn’t be too annoyed* I fitted the shorter dampers (B8s?) but half of the problem is that I’ve knocked half of the stroke out of them before I start. So my...
  3. Johnthesparky

    Rear discs

    Hi, my rear brakes on the van are squealing (I think an auto adjuster isn’t working) have rebuilt GSi brakes all round to swap on, rather than messing with the drums was just going to pull my finger out and fit the discs. all the guides I’ve read suggest they just go on, with just a tweak of...
  4. Johnthesparky

    GSi handbrake mounts

    Apologies, I’ve got some GSi brakes to swap onto the van Been tidying them up ready Plan is to swap all 4 brakes over a weekend sometime so just trying to get as much ready as possible in advance. Easiest way of sorting the handbrake cables appears to be with MK2 GSi handbrake brackets, but...
  5. Johnthesparky

    Replacing low blow with a Isuzu

    I’ve got hold of a Isuzu engine to put in my van, but looking into it I need to change lots of bits. I could probably sort most bits over time, but from what I’ve read, I believe the Isuzu has a different engine mount and I’ll need to take a cut from a Isuzu car to get it to fit has anyone...
  6. Johnthesparky

    Estate boot trim panel

    Hello, I’ve just got hold of a NOS tailgate for my van. it’s got some metal mountings for a trim panel at the bottom, but my van doesn’t have that trim. I can get them removed but thought it might be better to try and source the trim if I can. my google-fu is weak, can anyone give me a part...
  7. Johnthesparky

    X17DTL breather question

    Hello, I’ve got a bit of an oil leak on the Astravan. At first I thought it might be turbo seals, but it doesn’t show any of the symptoms really, then thought it was EGR so blocked that. But it’s not been doing many miles because of the welding and covid Looking a bit harder today and there...
  8. Johnthesparky

    Front wheel bearings

    Hello, I am rebuilding the front struts on my Astravan. so thought I’d swap the front wheel bearings whilst in there. i believe there are small and large struts, and as I have the low blow GM diesel, I should have the small ones. was going to have a measure, but just wondered what the...
  9. Johnthesparky

    Estate tailgate

    Hi, if anyone had a tailgate for an estate that they’d sell I’d be interested in buying. Either that they’d post or I could collect after current shenanigans I have a cheap spare, but the wiring has been cut out so I’d need to make a new look and it’s fairly rusty. not worried about colour...
  10. Johnthesparky


    Would like to fit Irmscher softstars to my van, Can find a few sets of 5 studs, but no 4 stud ones. Anyone know of any for sale? either 15s or 16s thanks
  11. Johnthesparky

    Astravan Epic!

    Thought I’d start a thread for my van. For the last ten years have had a couple of newish VW vans, wanted something different for my business, found this mk3 van with an interesting history that had been quite well looked after. So bought it. Went to look at it, not quite as tidy as I...
  12. Johnthesparky


    Hello, just signed up having bought a Mk3 astravan thought I’d say hello first, and thanks for the info and advice John