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  1. lewism

    Cheap MK3. Clean shell/bodywork.

    Hi guys. Looking for a cheap little astra for a track/project car. Heres my spec. - Clean shell. Preferably minimal rust/no welding/ good sills. light surface rust i can deal with as long as it hasn't bubbled. - 3 door preferably. - engine/spec not really fussy as i plan on dropping in a XE...
  2. lewism


    Alright guys, Hows things going? Haven't been around the last couple of years, moved house, lived life a bit, completed university. Hows everyone doing here? who's still kicking about. Great to see the place is still thriving. Unfortunatley i sold my astra last year for the princely sum of...
  3. lewism

    GSI Strut brace

    Selling my GSI strut brace, fits MK3 astra GSI's but i don't know about any other kind. £40 to your door.
  4. lewism

    Sony PSP bundle!

    For sale is this Sony PSP. Bought it brand new at the end of june for my holidays. Took it away for two weeks and haven't touched it since. This is in MINT condition and you'll struggle to find one as cheap and in as good conidition as this. The day i bought it i put on a protective skin (which...
  5. lewism

    Drivers door 5 door model in burgundy/satin red.

    as title, preferably with electric windows already in. must be in MINT coniditon with no rust and in the fife/edinburgh region.
  6. lewism

    LG KG800 Chocolate Phone

    Selling my old phone as i have a new one. It's unlocked to any network and has the usual wear on the back of the phone over the year. Other than a few marks this phone is in great working condition and comes with everying in the pics. I'm after £55 Posted trying the forums before it goes on...
  7. lewism

    16v Strut Brace, GSI lights, Air filter!

    Selling off the last of my MK3 astra stuff. Don't need any of it anymore. 16V front strut brace £40 POSTED - Doesn't fit my 8v so needs shifted. Cone Air Filter £15 POSTED- went back to standard on mine. Been on for about 6 months.(paid £25) it's a universal thing with a carbon...
  8. lewism

    Clutch Slipping?

    Evening chaps, just after a few indications of how to tell if your clutch is on its last legs. Basically after i change gear and apply power i can feel the engine judder, to put it better it goes up in revs but then drops a little then keeps rising again. What other ways is there to tell...
  9. lewism

    How to fit a strut brace.

    Evening guys, Got two days off monday/tuesday so i'm going to fit this strutbrace of mine. Anyway, how do i do it? what needs to come off etc etc. Thanking you
  10. lewism

    Various Gsi items

    Right time to shift this lot, not spending any more money on the boat and i would rather spend my money on other things. Not in a rush to sell and i don't want any stupid offers. Price seen is price paid, give or take a FEW pounds. Not interested in swaps or anything like that, all items are...
  11. lewism

    40mm shock absorbers / strut brace

    Evening chaps and chapettes. I need to replace the tired shocks on the boat so i'm after a set of 4 designed for a drop of 40mm. Brand not important but must be in good condition. Also after a front strut brace for mines. let me know what you have.
  12. lewism

    Snow snow snow!

    yey we have snow up here woohoo, s'no day like a snow day!
  13. lewism

    Oh me oh my! *sexual content* Si.p get in here

    drool drool drool drool drool 600hp spec http://www.zcar.com/month/ http://web.mac.com/markrolston/iWeb/Site/Z-car.html drool drool drool
  14. lewism

    What weel colour guyz!!

    Ok so i have my old VDUB wheels sitting in the garage doing nothing, car currently has the 17's on her. They are kerbed slighty and after watching one of my friends refurb a set of his i figured i'd try it on my old set since they were sitting doing nothing. Thing is though? what colour? i've...
  15. lewism

    I've got this feeling im being cheated on...

    I've suspected for some time now that my girlfriend has been having an affair. The usual signs. Phone rings, I answer, someone hangs up. She started going out 'with the girls' a lot recently although when I ask which girls it is always "Just some friends from work, you don't know them". I always...
  16. lewism

    Right own up

    whos selling http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Astra-mk3-1-8-Sport-GSi-Rep-3-door_W0QQitemZ200055649495QQihZ010QQcategoryZ9858QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  17. lewism

    2 Astras for the price of one!

    Was looking through piston heads as you do and came across this! http://pistonheads.com/sales/110313.htm What a cool car :lol:
  18. lewism

    *Wanted* Mk3 Astra Items

    Got a few items i want for the ****tra; Front strut brace, any condition. Splitter for gsi front bumper need some interior black plastics, to be more specific the rear speaker housing. full set of phase one 5 door doorhandles. few other things but i cant remember what they are. let...
  19. lewism

    Gsi brake transplant

    Simply put i want bigger brakes, theres a gsi in a scrapyard near me. What will i need to take off it in order to slap the brakes onto mine? also will the master brake cylnder on my car be fine to use? my car is a 1.4 mpi
  20. lewism


    Ok heres the deal, I've got a gsi grille that i think im finnaly gonna get round and put on the car. But there is no front badge supplied, just the standard opel lightning mark. Where can i get the right sized badges for it, I fancy opel badges on the car where can i get them and what sizes...