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  1. tombutcher

    steel wheels

    Hi guys for sale i have 2 steel wheels, both 14 inch, 1 with good tyre, 1 is probably just legal (would require replacing really) make me an offer, i bought them for a family members car only to find they had 13 inch wheels! collection only from the Swindon area. don't want much for...
  2. tombutcher

    600W amp & 12inch Sub

    hi guys for sale is my sub and amp setup its pretty good, get some good bass out of it when you wana! i'm getting a new set along with my new car so just selling these, still work fine and still in use at the moment! i want £50, will take offers. ebay listing number 230394474975 check that...
  3. tombutcher

    rad fan

    i want to bodge it so its always on. How? I know it can be done, cos the guy at the garage did it, but i can't remember how! Help!
  4. tombutcher

    Sony Ericsson K770i on Virgin

    got this phone, all the accessories, in very very good condition. selling due to having a new phone now! bought this brand new last november, been using it since. locked to Virgin network, could easily be unlocked in a town centre at a phone store for quite cheap if you needed, although...
  5. tombutcher

    V grille

    taking the black plastic out of the grille, and replacing it with black mesh. so, i just wana find out if anyone has tried this. i've been thinking about it for a while, and wondering what it will look like. i will also have a crack at photoshopping it in a bit, that should give a good idea.
  6. tombutcher

    photos please - calibra leathers

    hey guys been considering this as a mod, can people please show me a few pics with theirs fitted? i'm especially interested in the back bench, as i've heard good and bad things about fitting these also, those of you with the rear bench fitted, a quick run through of how you did it? i...
  7. tombutcher

    calling all swindonians!

    help! I need a ph2 passenger mirror, manual, asap! Will collect, if anyone has one spare. Also if you are located near swindon thats good too
  8. tombutcher

    performance upgrades

    right guys, i want to know what you have done to beef up your engine, give it that bit of extra grunt. and please don't just say buy a bigger engine!! i'm particularly interested in what you've done to the 1.6 8v's, but if it is still relevant then fine :)
  9. tombutcher

    mud flap fixings

    would these work? ebay link i bought new rear mud guards to fit because they aren't fitted, and then realised that the fixings on the car are currently broken.
  10. tombutcher

    ph1 gsi spoiler, flame red

    got one of these just sat about, so thought i would sell it. not got a picture, but you all know what one of these looks like. it's in average condition, could do with a respray if i'm perfectly honest, but you may get away with just polishing it. i'm looking for £25 inc. P&P, or £20 if...
  11. tombutcher

    flame red 1.6 Duo

    right then, thought it was about time i started one of these bad boys! a little history first. i've owned the car since november last year, but before that it was my brother's. he got it from my mum about 2 years before. she'd owned it for 3 or 4 years, and she got it from my grandad. he...
  12. tombutcher

    A couple of things

    electric window setup - all of it, to replace my manual windows. sport seats, inc matching door cards if possible! for a 5 door as well alloy wheels - a nice set, 17"s at the most, not entirely sure which ones yet but whatever people have got i will look at really
  13. tombutcher

    right, enough is enough...

    i've had enough of pussying around. my car needs to be fast. REALLY fast. some guy earlier was giving my girlfriend a lift home (made me angry enough as it was) and decided he was also going to make me look bad. he drives an 06 plate 1.4 corsa. nothing special. now, i kept up, but only...
  14. tombutcher

    uprating brakes

    right, onto some research in this department i think guys :) i've been looking into this a little bit, and there seem to be ways of making the braking better ranging from better brake pads up to a whole new setup now i have a few questions! what are the pro's and con's of upgrading the...
  15. tombutcher

    stiffening suspension

    right, i would like to make my rid a little less, lets say, boat like! it does like to roll a LOT in the corners at the mo. i'd kind of like it not to really! so, what upgrades can i do to stop this. i don't really want to have it lowered or anything like that, nothing hugely drastic...
  16. tombutcher

    shark fin

    two questions one, has anyone got one of these fitted? and can i see a pic please to see what they look like :) secondly, will this one do? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120336773734&fromMakeTrack=true&ssPageName=VIP:Watchlink:middle:uk thanks guys! :D
  17. tombutcher

    anti roll bars

    how many of these are there in total? how many will have come as standard on my car? and how difficult would they be to fit if i don't have them? also, strut braces, do these do a similar job? or are they purely for strengthening?
  18. tombutcher

    bosch super 4's

    what do people think? are these good like i've heard, or not worth it?
  19. tombutcher

    sport seats for £50!

    i found an entire set of 4 door seats and door cards, sport 1's, bolster damage as always but apart from that they are immac condition, £50 is a rather good price isn't it?! what you guys reckon? should i snap them up?
  20. tombutcher

    engine dying :( no power

    right, up until now i've had no real problems with my engine. i replaced the fan controller switch earlier and then i had to drive to Reading in rush hour (took about 1 hour and a bit) well, when we were sat in traffic, my EML came on, and the power was waaaay down. why!! the rev's were...