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    FREE mk3 gsi side skirts

    come and collect them the go to the tip on saturday
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    gsi ph1 side skirts

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    red gsi phase 1 side skirts

    all bits are there but no clips . £30 c0llected
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    gsi side skirts ph1

    red side skirts all complete £40 collected
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    just put a few things on ebay

    gsi skirts and door sections in red on ebay 270179765833 red front gsi bumper on ebay 270179764539 blue gsi side skirts front sections 270179766772
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    oxygen sensor

    my ecu comes up with the fault code 38., Oxygen sensor circuit Voltage high. what does this mean? i have changed the sensor but it still says the same code. im confused as to what to do..... help
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    F/S Mk3 Astra Sport 1.8 16v

    white 140k miles. good condition loads of history, slight crease on drivers door £695o.n.o
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    standard sport suspension

    rear springs and complete front legs with discs and calipers £20 collected
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    mk3 fuel comp and stalk

    £35 including p&p
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    85000 mile excellent condition 147bhp at regals rolling road , comes with everything £150 o.n.o buyer removes engine
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    sport seats

    front and rears no head rests £25 collection only
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    1.8 16v sport

    M plate 40 mm drop pineapple good condition .mot till april tax till dec. abs light on but allsensors replaced and it comes with new abs module. couple of car parks dints £900
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    hi im ade from a-s reece told me to sign up here i drive a 1.8 sport hope this site takes off and goes places