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  1. onlygreg


    So I've got my car back from the bodyshop with all the damage to the front repaired. Now my EML comes on about 10 times in a 5 mile drive to town for about 30secs a time. Don't think it's to do with the crash as it did it before just not so much. For what reasons would the EML come on...
  2. onlygreg

    Urgently Need...

    Phase 2 off side headlight and clear indicator.
  3. onlygreg

    N/S/F Fog Light

    As above. All fittings etc. Looking for around £20 delivered.
  4. onlygreg

    Hubcap Key

    I can't seem to find my hubcap key to get my wheels off. I had it not long ago and I'm not sure when or how if left the car. Does anyone have a spare lying around?? It's just the standard phase 2 alloys. I expect mine to turn up again it's just I need to get the wheels off. Many Thanks.
  5. onlygreg

    O/S/F Headlight, Indy and Fog

    As above please. Phase 2. Many Thanks.
  6. onlygreg

    Bonnet, Grille, Bumper???

    Got a quote from the garage for the repair and they asked me to source my own bonnet, lights etc. So, ideally in white, I'm after a new bonnet, new grille (phase 2), o/s headlight and indy (phase 2) and potentially a new front bumper. I would also be interested in a pair phase 1 lights and...
  7. onlygreg

    Waitrose Bonus

    Bit of a boast really. Last year it was 20%, this year it was rumoured to drop to 6 - 8%... Figure released today of 13%. Not bad... that's 13% of the years pre-tax pay including overtime. Sometimes I do love my job.
  8. onlygreg

    Iceman's Astra on Channel 5

    Next week on the gadget show.
  9. onlygreg

    Spotted in Cirencester!

    In Cirencester, screaming down the dual carriageway from the fire station to Tesco. Looked like a merit, but sounded a little bit pokier. Red with a big Astra-sport.co.uk sticker down the side. I definitely recognised it, so it must be off here...
  10. onlygreg

    Honda Concerto

    Right, so as a few of you will know, I smashed my car into a bollard in an icy carpark. Taking off the bumper etc, it's obvious that it's worse than previously thought. Now, I am being offered a car by a friend of a friend type, who is willing to do me a good deal. I know the car will be a...
  11. onlygreg

    Potential Project?!

    Someone on here buy this! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VAUXHALL-ASTRA-1-7-TD_W0QQitemZ230323705553QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAutomobiles_UK?hash=item230323705553&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2|65%3A7|39%3A1|240%3A1318 This would make a cool project! Looks pretty tidy and all!
  12. onlygreg

    Had a little crash

    Slipped on ice in a carpark last night and slammed the car into a bollard. Wasn't going that fast at all, and before I hit it I thought "awww ****, I really don't want to scratch my car", then BANG! Front right headlight, indicator and fog light has smashed. Bonnet has crumpled, grille has...
  13. onlygreg

    Greg's White 1.4 SPI

    Well I keep wanting to put up my ideas of what to do with my car somewhere. So I thought maybe it's time to start an owner's diary, even if progress on the actual car may be slow. Let's start with my short but eventful car history. I passed my test on January the 11th 2008. 7 days later I...
  14. onlygreg

    Wahay! Progress maybe...

    Right. So I have another rather specific symptom to add to my engine troubles. Basically I have a problem with a misfire, when the car is under load. Now, I don't get any EML or anything.i At first I thought it was something to do with the cold/slash wet, but the reason I thought that is...
  15. onlygreg

    Problems problems problems

    Okay... So the cars been in the garage for like 3 weeks, due to the head gasket going and then more complications.. Now it's come back to me for a little while before it goes back again for them to sort out some cosmetic wiring (stereo, dash bulbs etc). However, the car still has an awful...
  16. onlygreg

    Loosing Water

    Every time I start my car I hear a really odd noise that sounds like water is rushing around inside the dash. When I rev the engine it gets louder then after 10 seconds or so it's gone. And, I've noticed I'm really badly loosing water! Sounds like they could be related. Is anyone able...
  17. onlygreg

    Boxing Day Photos

    Well... seeing as I normally work 24/7, and yesterday I spent with the girlfriends family, I thought today is the only chance I will get to clean my car until the summer. So I did, then I took it to some of the dirtiest places I know to take photos! Here you go...
  18. onlygreg

    MOT today......

    IT PASSED!! I'm well chuffed as I was gonna scrap it if it was a fail! No advisories at all! They did the front discs and pads before hand. 12 months to go till the next one!
  19. onlygreg

    What a night to break down

    Right... So I set out pick my girlfriend up from work 10 miles away. The cars jerky as hell misfiring really badly, which it does sometimes for the first minute or so when it's cold/wet. Tonight it was worse than usual, and as I was going up a steep hill a couple of miles into the journey the...
  20. onlygreg

    Seriously bad mpg on a Ph2 1.4

    Worked out I'm doing about 25mpg on my 1.4. I always knew it was bad from the amount I spend on petrol but this is ridiculous. What can I look at to improve it. Also I have my MOT coming up.... Will this mean it fails on emissions???