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    gsi ph1 side skirts

    gone to stu
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    FREE mk3 gsi side skirts

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    FREE mk3 gsi side skirts

    damn indeed. these were on my van the other day and i was in trimley st marys which i believe is quite close to you
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    FREE mk3 gsi side skirts

    come and collect them the go to the tip on saturday
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    gsi ph1 side skirts

    yes stuart im just down road from you ring me on 07841656867
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    gsi ph1 side skirts

    postage wont be anything as i wont post them. too lazy for that.
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    gsi ph1 side skirts

    ttt these are in flame red
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    gsi ph1 side skirts

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    red gsi phase 1 side skirts

    all bits are there but no clips . £30 c0llected
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    FOR SALE - Total Vauxhall Magazines

    £26 delivered?
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    gsi side skirts ph1

    red side skirts all complete £40 collected
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    GSI sideskirts

    i have some that are on ebay atm fone me on 07841656867. ade. i have been offered £30 for them so £40 collected and they are yours . all the bits are there they are phase 1.
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    just put a few things on ebay

    gsi skirts and door sections in red on ebay 270179765833 red front gsi bumper on ebay 270179764539 blue gsi side skirts front sections 270179766772
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    Simon p's old convertable

    lol if it was simon p old 1 he got it from somerset not essex
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    Simon p's old convertable

    how bad was the damage that it had rerpaired recently. mebe that explains the door gaps
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    How gd are the 1.8 16v engines

    nrg on here had a 1.8 16v his made 146.9 bhp, i had a 2.0 16v and mine made 147 bhp that was on the same day 1 after the other at regals i didnt see any benefit from having 200cc over the 1.8.
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    What is this i am selling!! Bumper??

    i'll give you a £10
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    Opel Astra MK3 Convertible

    im planning my road trip to africa to get my back bumper it just happens to be 6000 miles by road, might have to knock your door instead drizz