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  1. Max

    15/16" Alloys

    15 or 16" alloys wanted, preferably with tyres for 4 stud vaux. What you got peeps?
  2. Max

    -40mm/-60mm Rear Springs

    Anyone got any for sale? Either/or as I already have 2 pairs of fronts. Ta.
  3. Max

    Trax tickets

    As above, cash waiting.
  4. Max

    V6 Top Rad Hose

    Anyone know who does them and where I can get one from. Roose website dont list them. Ive got a 1.7GM rad. Ta
  5. Max

    V6 Fuel pump relay

    Ive read somewhere these are are the same as the xe/xev/let ones. Is this true? as ive misplaced the one out of the calibra and wondered if my original will work.
  6. Max

    XE/XEV Flywheel

    I take it these are the same fitment, but is the xev one heavier?
  7. Max

    Calibra SE9 BBS Alloys

    ......On a mk3. Opinions? And has anyone seen it done before?
  8. Max

    Mk3 Front Subframe

    Anyone come across anywhere that sells/still keeps them, new? It's a shot in the dark but I'm guessing not and I'd probably be better off having a secondhand one reconded.
  9. Max

    17" Wolfrace Voodoo Alloy Wheels...

    Selling my set of 5 Wolfrace Voodoo alloy wheels. 4 stud multifit for vauxhall/ford. 4 are voodoo 1's and are in gunmetal/dark silver, come with Toyo proxy4's tyres, 2 are borderline and two will need replacing imo. The other is a spare voodoo 2 in silver with tyre but no good. Complete with...
  10. Max

    Sachs Clutch Kit For 1.8/2.0 Eco

    Brand new in box. Sachs clutch kit for x20xev/x18exl, may fit others but please check before puchase. Change of plans means Im not using it anymore. Cost me £110+ £75 ono
  11. Max

    C25xe conversion help!

    Just a few technical questions for the V6 boys here. Been debating swapping my XEV for a x25xe and was wondering what parts are interchangeable or that I can use from my original set-up to a v6 set up. Main areas for concern for me are: Power steering set up Throttle cable. Fuel pump...
  12. Max

    Oh the fun I could have!

    If I had the money to buy this serious bit of kit..... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Astra-1600-16v-tarmac-rally-car-/150849371135?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item231f52bbff#ht_1394wt_1122
  13. Max

    Wanted. 14" Alloys.

    Vaux 4 stud fitment, with or without tyres, condition unimportant. WHYG msg me.
  14. Max

    PVS Pics 2012

    Just a small selection of pics I took on the day.
  15. Max

    If I had a spare 3k.......

    Id probably buy this....... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1997-Vauxhall-Astra-Sport-GSi-2-5-V6-Liquid-Yellow-Total-Vauxhall-Feature-Car-/170804092665?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item27c4b79ef9#ht_1949wt_1122 What would you do with a spare 3k if you had it?
  16. Max

    Rieger Front Grille

  17. Max

    FK 2 Peice Angel Eyes Black

  18. Max

    Free To Collect - GSI Seats + Sport seat

    Set of front and rear GSI seats, no subframes, free to collect before they go in the bin, cant keep them any longer as we're moving house. Also One sport seat, again no subframe. All free to collect within the next week.
  19. Max

    17" Oz Records - Swap for 15"/16"

    Gauging interest. After swapping my set of 4 gloss black oz racing records for a set of 15" or 16" Alloys. WHY?
  20. Max

    Clear-out. Rieger Grille, FK Angel eyes Headlights, All parts to go.

    Having a clear-out before spares day and thought id offer most parts for sale on here first before I take it with me in a few weeks. Most items I dont have a problem posting apart from the larger heavier items. Open to sensible offers on all items. Collection welcome. Reiger grille including...