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  1. onlygreg

    I am so rubbish at keeping secrets :(

    Oo er... awkward...
  2. onlygreg

    What is this??? Astra Cab

    Surely they wouldn't be there if it didn't really affect the handling that much... the handling is the whole reason there there. I'd personally leave it, specially with your car, wouldn't wanna hurt it!!
  3. onlygreg

    Removing interior smells

    Autoglym Interior Shampoo works really good... but a couple of air fresheners as well. I smoke in my car, but with a "new car smell" magic tree and some other air freshener on the vents, it smells really good. Not overpowering... but nice.
  4. onlygreg

    Self pwnage! Yank Style **NSFW**

    Hahaha. She's in the pottery club!
  5. onlygreg


    Hahaha! What a load of bull****!
  6. onlygreg

    bugging the s**t out of me

    Can't find it anywhere mate.
  7. onlygreg

    bugging the s**t out of me

    The Underdog Project - Someday Superman :thumbsup:
  8. onlygreg


    So I've got my car back from the bodyshop with all the damage to the front repaired. Now my EML comes on about 10 times in a 5 mile drive to town for about 30secs a time. Don't think it's to do with the crash as it did it before just not so much. For what reasons would the EML come on...
  9. onlygreg

    Astra Interior Pics

    You need a new gator lefty!
  10. onlygreg

    astra 1.4 si... what is it worth

    Oh and a standard fuel filler cap.
  11. onlygreg

    astra 1.4 si... what is it worth

    To make a GSI rep you'd need, rear spoiler, rear bumper, rear lights, tailgate?, skirts, and grille. I think. Bee-sting aerial as well if you want to be really picky.
  12. onlygreg

    Greg's White 1.4 SPI

    Well getting the car back from the body shop Monday hopefully. Can't wait to have it back... it's been ages! Off to London for a week on Wednesday though and I'm not taking the car. Either way, wallet's £250 light but I'm happy!
  13. onlygreg

    Aussie bands, like much?

    Really undecided on the Cat Empire... Hated them before I'd even bothered to listen to them.... but every now and again it's quite nice to hear.
  14. onlygreg

    Red dwarf tonight at 9pm on dave

    Canned laughter for one...
  15. onlygreg

    im back in the mk3 faimly with a van

    To be fair I got most the parts off Wayne! No worries! The rest is being pulled out (accident damage :S)
  16. onlygreg

    im back in the mk3 faimly with a van

    I would've had so much off that if this was a month ago.... Needed grille, lights, bumper, slam panel, front cross member, bumper support and braces..... Too late now though! :lol:
  17. onlygreg

    'Tapping Engine' - What needs replacing??

    E-mail and ask them exactly what needs doing or what is wrong?
  18. onlygreg

    i want leds for my rear lights

    I don't see what that PCB is actually doing... surely it's just an on/off signal to the LEDs. I thought he only used it as something to mount them on.
  19. onlygreg

    new toy, non vaux

    Well... hopefully not rolling....
  20. onlygreg

    full member at last

    No rush... I made my own... http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r208/only-greg/DSC00316.jpg