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  1. S

    My New Car - 1993 Astra 1.4 CD

    Well I'm not a newbie, so can't right a big "blog" about how I got here, so I'll type a big blog about how I came across the car :lol: My dad owns a 1.8 Pineapple Sport and there is a diary on here - I've been working on the car and the initial plan was for me to be on his policy except I wanted...
  2. onlygreg

    Greg's White 1.4 SPI

    Well I keep wanting to put up my ideas of what to do with my car somewhere. So I thought maybe it's time to start an owner's diary, even if progress on the actual car may be slow. Let's start with my short but eventful car history. I passed my test on January the 11th 2008. 7 days later I...
  3. onlygreg

    Problems problems problems

    Okay... So the cars been in the garage for like 3 weeks, due to the head gasket going and then more complications.. Now it's come back to me for a little while before it goes back again for them to sort out some cosmetic wiring (stereo, dash bulbs etc). However, the car still has an awful...
  4. onlygreg

    Seriously bad mpg on a Ph2 1.4

    Worked out I'm doing about 25mpg on my 1.4. I always knew it was bad from the amount I spend on petrol but this is ridiculous. What can I look at to improve it. Also I have my MOT coming up.... Will this mean it fails on emissions???
  5. onlygreg

    MPI or SPI

    I asked this a while ago, and no one could answer. Someone said, it's easy to tell if I can see it. So here's a photo. It's a 1.4.
  6. Astramerit


    Hey guys and gals I recently bought an old astra merit 1.4, and i am going to be booking it in for an MOT later on, and i was just wondering if anyone knew any particular things to look out for with this model? it's a P reg, done a little over 100k, only paid £200 for it though, i just...
  7. Andy_Mk3

    Mk3 - 5 Years in Barn

    Greetings everyone, I'm new here! I'll briefly introduce myself first, I'm Andy, I'm 15 years old (16 in May), and I quite simply love cars and working on them. Especially trying to get them going again. So when I found out about an Astra that had been stored in a barn for 5 years, I jumped...
  8. Robc

    wheel crack

    has some1 got a quick reply pls can the cracks in wheels be fixed???:doh: :redface:
  9. L

    100 plus supagard.

    Anyone used this,a yellow/red sponge that you dampen then pierce then spread over the car surface? Been given one...so.......?
  10. Ben

    Which lights?

    well as my car will be coming back together in the next few weeks, i've had a change of heart with my rear lights :sad: i can't decide whether to keep my all clear rear lights or go for the red/clear ones. i like the clears, but they do tend to smell of chav/boyracer, but they're a lot rarer! so...
  11. O

    how or where would i get rear windows

    im wanting rear windows in my mk3 five door i kno imports have them but im wondering do any other rear window motors fit in astra doors has it ever been donecheers guys
  12. D

    To smooth or not to smooth ? (Pics)

    Simple question really do i smooth the grille badge off or not ? imho it looks loads better smoothed but still unsure With badge Smoothed