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1.6 16v

  1. J

    X 16 XEL Engine problems

    Hi, my mk3 with a X 16 XEL engine started spluttering and running rough like someone had flicked a switch on the way home from work on Sunday. Fearing the worst I pulled over and checked it over it. No oil in the water, no mayo on the oil cap, nothing tapping so drove it steadily home. Took it...
  2. N

    Arctic 1.6 16V Auto Fuel Consumtion

    Arctic 1.6 16V Auto Fuel Consumption What sort of fuel consumtion should I expect from this car? We rarely get more than 28 to 30 MPG except on a good run when it might manage 33 MPG. I am not heavy footed, and we actually get better fuel consumtion form our 2.5 V6 Omega! The Astra seems...
  3. djwilde69

    my blue anoying astra sometimes!!!

    my astra RIP :( my new one Pg11 :) this is my darling car, not to long after i put half the body kit on and befor i got my wheels