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  1. D

    Wanted Post

    Hi all i'm new here Hope this post is allowed but I have come on here in search of a Vauxhall Astra 1.7 Turbo diesel these vehicles seem to be like rocking horse manure we had one back in 2008 (L706 DJU) but unfortunately some undesirable character decided to go joy riding for a couple of days...
  2. S

    Astra 1.7 TD 1998

    Description: Astra !.7 TD four door saloon (with boot) 1998. Owned by me from 2010. Took a lot of finding to get one in this good condition even then. Large service history file from that date, and a lot spent on it. Recent engine (GM) head overhaul with over £400 spent on parts. The car has...
  3. M

    Help needed after a little smash.

    Last night I ended up sliding the old 95 Astra 1.7TD LS along a crash barrier at about 40-30mph which took off the front bumper and grill, along with the drivers side headlight. That should be simple enough to fix though. What I am confused about is the only gear I can select is reverse. I'm...
  4. M

    Radio ISO Help

    I bought a MK3 Astra 1.7TD N Reg last week but the radio had been stolen with all the wires cut and the connector taken. I've bought a replacement ISO plug set and a radio but I've been unable to find out what colour wire goes where in the car. I'll have no problems soldering it all together...