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  1. jezzasin

    simple alarm

    right guys a bit of knowledge needed here if possible i bought this alarm from ebay now i have it in the car but at the moment i dont have the remote central locking wired in nor the remote engine start as im struggling to understand the wiring as there is loads i have read the diagram over...
  2. jezzasin

    simple alarm

    right guy, time to pick some brains ive seen this alarm on rclick.co.uk and was thinking of buying it, now is there any1 on here that has used one of these and if so are they easy to fit??
  3. Paul

    RAC TrackStar Plus - Tracking System

    I have a RAC Tracker for sale. There high end model. And sells for £400 fitted by trackstar them self. This is a Thatcham Q rated vehicle Tracker. Which enables the police to talk to RAC and can enable them to pin point a stolen car within a hour. I dont have any wiring instructions etc...
  4. I

    Help with Standard Alarm

    Hi all, I'm a total noob to the astra scene. I have a '96 Astra F olympic. I purchased a new alarm, old one not working properly. My problem is... how do I remove the factory alarm (think it says laser on it). I tried just disconnecting the box under the bonnet but then car wont start I...