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alloy wheels

  1. P

    Astra premier alloy wheel

    Hi Has anyone got one of these alloy wheels lying around?
  2. Alex

    18" Kahn RSS Alloys For Sale or P/X

    Here is a set of 4 Kahn RSS 18" alloy wheels, they are in very good condition. There is some small kerbing marks on the wheels, but they are all straight. They are finished in a light grey with black highlights. All 4 tyres are very good and have loads of tread left on them. They are...
  3. Alex

    18" Millie Migula HT3's in Gloss Black

    I'm putting my old wheels up for sale as they are. One wheel needs to be straightened as it has a flat spot on it and is slightly bent, most alloy wheel repairers will be able to fix it easily. The other 3 wheels and are straight. They could all do with a re-paint though as paint is flaking off...
  4. Claire

    Fox 4 Evo 17" Black Alloy Wheels

    I'm selling my old 17" Fox 4 Evo Alloy wheels. They're in need of a refurb due to a bit of kerbing and need two new tyres because my tracking is out (although I do have a spare tyre with plenty of tread which will be included in the sale). Pics: This isn't all of the kerbing but this is...
  5. Alex

    Link Needed

    Can anyone remember the name of the company that Total Vauxhall did a feature on about wheel refurbing? As want to see if mine are repairable :lol: