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astra gsi

  1. Fleety

    Hey guys

    Just wanted to say hi was a member on here years ago and thought id rejoined. I live in Snowdonia and owned a few mk3 over the years ( mostly gsi ) and currently own a 1994 white gsi with a LET in it. Anyone else from rownd my end?
  2. P

    clunky suspension

    hi there hope someone can help me. my astra has developed a clunk when i accelerate and brake. i have replaced the strut top mount and the bottom arm. i have just rebuilt the car and its quite annoying. thanks to anyone who can help.
  3. juggz

    juggz gsi re-build

    hi all,thought i`d do a short write up on my re-build,its been off the rd for 2 yrs and today it passed its mot:nod: so im a happy chappy. this is how it looked to start with,nothing major wrong just a bit of rust on the arches. then the rust........ sooooooo......the rot was gotten rid...